Coronavirus Live update: Total cases in India rise to 415 with State

Corona Virus Live Report

Coronavirus update: Maharashtra is worst hit with eighty nine(89) confirmed cases

The total range of novel coronavirus cases in Bharat rose to 415 these days once thirty recent cases were reported, consistent with the Health Ministry information. The figure includes forty one foreign nationals and also the seven deaths reported thus far. The figure conjointly includes twenty four folks that are cured, discharged or migrated, it said. Maharashtra is worst hit with eighty nine confirmed cases. Kerala has the second highest range of cases at sixty seven. Metropolis has reported thirty positive cases.

Telangana has reported twenty six cases. Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have reported twenty eight cases thus far. In Haryana, there ar seventeen cases, that embrace fourteen foreigners. excluding these, seven confirmed cases are reported in West Bengal, 3 in Uttarakhand, thirteen in Ladakh, four in Jammu and geographical area, 5 in Chandigarh, seven in province together with 2 foreigners, twenty one in geographic region, one in Puducherry, 2 in Odisha, six in Madhya Pradesh, 2 in Himachal, thirty in Gujarat, one in Chhattisgarh, 2 in state and 5 in province.

Delhi has reported thirty(30) positive corona-virus cases.

The government is taking strict measures to stem the unfold of the deadly corona-virus, that has killed seven individuals. Gujarat, state and Maharashtra reported a death every on Sunday. Whereas four deaths were earlier reported from Mysore, Delhi, Maharashtra and geographic region, the Health Ministry same. Eighty cities together with metropolis, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore went into complete internment until thirty one March.

Trains, metros and inter-state buses are shut from these days, solely essential services like milk, vegetables, medicines, grocery and ATM’s are on the market throughout the closure. The Center has issued directions to state governments, asking them to require preceding against those that are found violating the internment orders.

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